Buxton Museum @ buxtonmuseum.com

21975 A.D. Shadd Road, North Buxton, ON N0P1Y0

phone: 519-352-4799

email: buxton@ciaccess.com


“The Raleigh Township Centennial Museum was officially opened in 1967 as part of the township’s Centennial celebrations. The Museum’s main purpose is to collect, preserve, exhibit, and interpret historical artifacts related to the Elgin (Buxton) Settlement from its founding in 1849 to the late 19th century.   A related purpose is to provide the personal histories and genealogies of the original settlers and their descendants through on-going historical research.

The Museum, renamed Buxton National Historic Site & Museum in 1998, is currently owned by the Municipality of Chatham-Kent. The Museum serves the inhabitants of Kent County and Southwestern Ontario, and also attracts visitors and researchers from across Canada and the United States.

This Statement of Purpose may not be altered without the consent of the Board of Directors of the Buxton National Historic site & Museum.”

Visit the Buxton Museum website at http://www.buxtonmuseum.com/



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